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John Berkhout is a band formed by five young friends in 2002 in a small village in Gipuzkoa, Basque Country. The members are lifelong friends, and have grown up together going through different periods and musical styles, in a passionate adventure that has made them into the musicians they are today.
Under the influence of folk, rock, psychedelia and indie, John Berkhout takes us through a journey full of sensations and feelings very clearly related to nature, nostalgia and the human senses.
Tracks like “The path” or “Lost in the wild” refer to these places and sceneries that inspire the group to develop a very personal and intimate style and at some point even epic and intense.
John Berkhout (2013) Warner Music & Insamuel Records

John Berkhout (2013) Warner Music & Insamuel Records

Recorded at Haritz Harreguy´s Higain Studios. Produced by Rubén Caballero.

John Berkhout

john berkhout dates_title
Nov 29th Orio, kiroldegia (+ Grises)) john berkhout dates_map_icon
Nov 30th Bilbao, Arriaga (Sortuko dira besteak)) john berkhout dates_map_icon
Dec 28th San Sebastian, Kursaal (Kantuz topa)) john berkhout dates_map_icon
Jan San Sebastian(Paperezko kontzertuak) john berkhout dates_map_icon
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